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This should be playing in the background while browsing here

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This should be playing in the background while browsing here

Postby dagelf » Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:53 am

Hero's Quest Soundtrack:

I've just stumbled on this after reading the book title of an inspirational book written by someone who also undoubtedly grew up playing some of the various iterations of Hero's Quest, and wondering about its origins... Thank you Wikipedia, Kickstarter, and the internet!

Looking forward to buying it for all the kids in the extended family... hopefully it will run on their self-assembled cheap-ish set-top-box PC's, and will give them an incentive to use the keyboard... and/or learn English, like it did for me and my friends... who spent primary school breaks exchanging tips and translating for each other, excited to get home and try out our newest learnings :-D

Dear Coles, you are in inspiration for an entire generation... that is, perhaps, unwittingly aspiring to live a trend that you have set decades ago already, in whatever industry we happen to find ourselves. In my case it is spreading connectivity and building out broadband, so people can access great content like yours.
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Re: This should be playing in the background while browsing

Postby unleasher » Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:45 am

Very cool.. thanks for the work that you do. Great classic music there, good find!
Nothing like some Hero's Quest music to get the day started on a good note!!!

Just curious... how many kids will be getting the game? Great idea by the way.. I'll have to find some kids to give gifts to as well! :)
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