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A question about semantics in the QFG series

A question about semantics in the QFG series

Postby Paviel » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:37 pm

Playing some other Sierra adventure games has made me curious about some of the terminology in the Quest for Glory series.

For example, the "centime" (Latin via French) always struck me as a bit odd as a unit of currency in an Arabian-inspired city such as Shapeir, particularly since its other unit of currency is the Dinar (Latin via Arabic). Now that I have played Conquests of Camelot, where the units of currency in Jerusalem are the gold dinar, the silver dirham, and the copper fals, I wonder now more than ever why they chose to use "centime" rather than "dirham" or "fals" in QFG2.

I'm also curious about the use of "Shaman" (derived from a word from the Tungus of eastern Siberia) in QFG3, and "Burgomeister" (German) in QFG4.

Are these etymological oddities accidental or deliberate?
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